Meet the Twins!

The founders of Twin Candle & Co, Shandra Campbell and Kaitlen Neal have been best friends, roommates and co-workers for almost a decade!

From day one, they have been mistaken for sisters and eventually were coined with the nickname 'The Twins'.

Over the years they have pushed each other to step outside of their comfort zones & stand true in their individual core values.

Our Why

We have been huge candle and wax melts lovers our whole lives, always having one or the other going when at home (sometimes both). In recent years we began learning more about the harmful chemicals that are often found in these types of products - and we don't love that!

We have been focusing more on our overall health, with our attention going to balancing our hormones first and foremost. Far too many of todays consumable goods are packed full with harmful materials that have long term negative effects on our bodies. As the skin is our largest organ, we knew that having a clean environment around us was the first step!

We aim to reduce the impact of these harmful products in our own personal lives by intentionally choosing clean products. Which is why we launched Twin Candle & Co. We hope to encourage our clients to make similar changes in their lifestyles.

What We Do

We are a female owned and operated business, with a mission to provide high-quality, non-toxic soy-based candles to our clientele and their loved ones.

We believe in Community over Competition and have created relationships with other local companies, who source materials like our vessels and who print our labels and marketing material. We proudly source our ingredients from only the best Canadian companies and are always looking for ways to support other entrepreneurs!

We use soy wax at its most natural state, and all our fragrance oils are paraben-free and phthalate-free.

Functional and Sustainable

Our products help elevate any environment, without introducing any toxins to the air.

Here at Twin Candle & Co. we are excited to introduce to you, our hand-poured artisan candles! We have carefully curated our collections, choosing each fragrance with you (our lovely clients) in mind.

Have a collaboration idea or want to inquire about wholesale pricing? Send us an email!