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Twin Candle & Co.

Car Diffuser

Car Diffuser

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Introducing our revolutionary non-toxic car air freshener, designed to bring a breath of fresh air to your vehicle without any harmful chemicals.

Say goodbye to overpowering artificial scents and hello to a natural, refreshing fragrance that will transform your driving experience. Our air fresheners are crafted with organic ingredients, ensuring a safe and eco-friendly solution for keeping your car smelling delightful.

You can enjoy a clean and healthy environment inside your vehicle, free from harsh odors and toxins. The long-lasting formula provides a subtle yet effective scent that will uplift your mood during every journey.

Whether you prefer a calming lemon lavender, earthly freshness, or luxurious vanilla scent, our range of fragrances has something for everyone.

Experience the power of nature with our non-toxic car air freshener and drive with peace of mind knowing you are making a positive choice for yourself and the environment.

Choose your style:

  • vent clip
  • hanging

Choose your fragrance:

  • Cypress Fig
  • Hawaiian Hibiscus 
  • Lemon Lavender
  • Roasted Espresso
  • Saturday Morning Cartoons
  • Sweet Vanilla

Why you'll love it:

  • Refreshes and renews for 3-4 months
  • Perfect for your daily commute, long road trips and everything in between
  • Receive endless comments from friends and family about how good your car smells


Always keep the bottle in the upright position, ensuring the lid is tight enough to prevent leaks & spills, but do not overtighten.

Please note that diffuser oils are corrosive and can cause damage if spilled. Avoid direct contact with polished/painted/plastic surfaces, furnishings & interiors. Accidental contact may cause damage to certain materials. If spillage occurs, mop up/dilute ASAP to minimise damage to surfaces.

Please understand that when purchasing this product, Twin Candle & Co. is not liable for any damages caused by spillages that may occur. Please use the product as directed.

Keep out of direct sunlight as evaporation will increase. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Wash hands thoroughly after handling.

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